• 6 Essential Steps To Prevent The Spread Of Cholera

    6 essential steps to prevent the spread of cholera - nigeria newspapers online
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    6 Essential Steps To Prevent The Spread Of Cholera

    By Odunmorayo Oke 14 June 2024   |   5:49 pm The Lagos State Government has confirmed an outbreak of cholera, leading to numerous deaths and hospitalisations. This public health emergency shows the ongoing challenges Nigeria is facing. Cholera in times of turmoil Cholera is a bacterial disease that occurs when someone eats or drinks contaminated foods. It causes severe watery stool and dehydration. If left… Clear disposable bottle water. Photo – Pexels / Steve Johnson

    Having access to clean filtered water is crucial in preventing the chances of contracting cholera. This can be achieved by the provision of safe, chlorine water, using water purification methods, or boiling water for consumption. Ensure to avoid drinking water sold in cups, nylons, and even piped water and ice. The safest option is bottled water.

    In addition, having a proper waste management system in place can be of great help in reducing the spread of cholera. Doing this can prevent the contamination of water sources, hence curbing the spread of any disease. It can be achieved by treating sewage and waste properly to avoid contact with water sources.

    2. Good hygiene practices

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