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    — Eedris Abdulkareem

    Valentine, for me, is compulsory, cultural, religious, and an ocean of love festivals around the world. Love is my true religion. I do not find the meaning of life by myself alone. I found it with my kindhearted wife.

    My best Valentine’s Day was the mouth-watering breakfast in bed I prepared for my wife. Later on that day, I sent her a box of chocolate with roses. I sent them to her parents’ house because I knew she would be visiting them. It was a big surprise for her when she saw the gifts at her parents’ place. I planned everything with her brother, so she was not aware.

    Every year, I send love messages, special gifts and cards, expressing my affection to my wife, family members, and friends. The cards are beautiful creations, handmade and specially designed to show how much I love my wife.

    My love language later at night was to feed my wife with all sorts of seafood, baked salmon and corn soup which was done with candlelight and beautiful music by KC and Jojo, just to thank her for loving me passionately.

    My best Valentine’s Day gift was on February 14, 2022. I had an appointment with my doctor and I was told my kidneys had failed, and the only remedy was a kidney transplant. Right there, my wife decided to be my donor, and to God be the glory, she was a perfect match. I went for dialysis for six months and had a successful surgery. She did everything she could to make sure I survived to continue preaching the gospel of truth. Indeed, that was my best Valentine’s Day gift.


    – Bash

    To me, Valentine’s Day is a very wonderful and lovely period where we show love and affection to family, friends and other loved ones.

    I always celebrated it openly when I was much younger, but as I grew older, I now celebrate Valentine’s Day every day with my family.

    This year, Valentine’s Day will not different from other days, because as a family man, I celebrate Valentine every day. However, I would just add a little spice on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

    I will like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family at a resort.

    It was a trip abroad with a friend.

    No, but I have a paid event for that day.


    – IK Ogbonna

    I really don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day in the way that many people do. I don’t believe it is a day for lovers to show love, or a day set aside to treat one’s partner specially. I feel everyone should treat their partners with love and affection, while showering them with gifts.

    One should not wait for a particular day to show love. One can choose a special day, such as one’s relationship anniversary to show love. But, wearing red and going on the streets is not the kind of love St. Valentine was talking about. If I want to show love on Valentine’s Day, I will prefer to show it to people I don’t know. However, I don’t mind doing it with my partner. We could go to an orphanage or hospitals. Those are the people that need us at this time.

    Women do not show love more than men. A woman’s man should be her friend. The way one can initiate a trip with a group of friends, is the same way one should be able to do the same with one’s partner.

    February 14 is a celebration of a Saint Valentine (a third-century Roman saint, commemorated in Western Christianity on February 14), and I believe in selfless love. If I want to go and see my friends any day, I would do that, and not wait till Valentine’s Day. However, I do not like to impose my beliefs on my partner so, if my partner wants to celebrate the day in a particular way, then I can compromise. But, that does not mean because it is Valentine’s Day, I will show a special kind of love I had not shown her in the past 365 days.

    We need to come out of that shell of waiting for a particular day to do things that one should naturally do out of love. That is my personal philosophy.

    I am a true born African man, who was brought up with the mentality that it is a man’s responsibility to take care of his woman. Thus, I find joy in taking care of the women around me. If I invite a person for a date, I do not expect her to pay the bills.


    — Ade Bantu

    February 14 is just another day for me. I don’t have to wait for February 14 to celebrate love. I see Valentine’s Day as an extremely commercial enterprise that is all about consumers. I personally have a problem with it, because I did not grow up in a Nigeria that was obsessed with Valentine’s Day.

    I think love is important, because that is the only thing that can conquer hate. It is a very strong emotion that can be both positive and negative. It is important to experience love, and I hope that everyone gets to experience it at some point in their lives and prolong such experience through a partnership or friendship. Love makes us better human beings. When we connect to our vulnerability and humanity, we are forced to trust by putting ourselves and our ego aside, and cherish the other person.

    There are so many expectations and the pressure is mounting. I went to the supermarket the other day and saw the nervous glances as the male customers were trying to advise each other (on what to buy). I wish people would put in that same effort to make somebody happy. It can be by getting a box of chocolate, flowers, or even a smile. It does not have to be an action, but an attitude towards someone. I am of the opinion that every day should be seen as Valentine’s Day. Every day, one should ask oneself, ‘Was I able to put a smile on someone’s face, regardless of who they are’? When one has that mindset, one would make the world a better place; rather than wait till February 14. The world needs more love daily.

    I just like putting smiles on the faces of strangers. Whenever I go to the supermarket, I try to engage people in conversation. It could be with the shop attendant or someone selling on the street, even though I might end up not buying what they are selling. I would just smile at the person, and let them know I recognise their effort. That little effort of making people feel like they are seen and appreciated is so important. That is how I was raised to interact with my environment. Making people know that one is grateful for their presence, and contribution through their actions. I am not one to collect accolades for doing something good; that’s boring. It’s for the ego and I am beyond that. I don’t need accolades for my ego.

    No, I am not doing any concert or event on Valentine’s Day, but I will make sure I call some people, including my mum, other family members, and my partners, to put smiles on their faces. It is more like a family affair. I might even go out to have dinner, although to be honest, everywhere feels so crowded, and it’s too much of a ‘hustle’. But, when you has the mindset that every day is Valentine’s Day, one can make up for it a day or two later, which is less stressful.


    — Iyke Okechukwu

    It is very necessary to celebrate love. God is love, and I lean towards that as a Christian. I believe that love is second to life, and it should be celebrated every day. Celebration of love is a reminder to show goodness, care and all good virtues towards one another. We need to not just celebrate love, but to do it sincerely.

    We dedicate time for ourselves in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of life. The busier we get, the more we deliberately have to create opportunities to spend time with ourselves. Fortunately, we are in the same industry and work in the same place where we produce content for people. The little ways and time we have, we try to go out, watch movies and have fun. We look for those things that bind us together and do them.

    I would love to spend Valentine’s Day with my wife and family. I would love to go out and have a family time in a resort. We would also like to have a trip. Even though we are not exactly the outing type, we try to go out sometimes. I would love for us to be together, eat and have conversations. I would also like for my children to play by the sea

    I have received lots of amazing gifts, especially because Valentine’s Day is just a day before my birthday. Most times, I really cannot separate the two, because my wife often gifts me for both days. All the gifts she has given me have been memorable, because she is good with gifts. It is her love language.

    No, I did not but it happened organically. We went to the same university, and we were in the same department. But, we were never friends, even though we had some mutual friends. When we met on the set of Tinsel (TV series), our friendship started from day one. I never expected it, but it happened, and I thank Tinsel for that.

    There are so many things about her that I love. She has a very strong spirit, knows what she wants and also has a large heart. She is also smart and witty; she makes me laugh. She is God-fearing and beautiful too.


    — Efa Iwara

    I have been in love several times, but it has not worked out the way I thought it would. But, I guess everything happens for a reason. For my girlfriend, I would give her what she wants on that special day.

    I do not believe that every day is a lovers’ day, because every day is a hustle; sometimes, a struggle. On some days, one is happy; and some days, one is sad. Even though one loves and cherishes one’s partner beyond words, it is good to have one day that is set aside to love that person in different ways.

    My worst Valentine’s Day experience was when my then-girlfriend broke and shattered my heart, by saying and doing something to me on that day which was very liberating. It turned out to also be one of my best Valentine’s Day experiences, because now my heart is healed. Sometimes, it takes something negative to bring out the positive side of one.

    If I got a naira every time I am asked if I am single, billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, and I would be rivals. However, I am not ready to mingle. The country’s economy is too tough.

    I will most likely be working on an exciting project that I am looking forward to on Valentine’s Day.

    The most expensive gift I have ever got and given is time, because one cannot put a price on time.

    — Allysyn Audu

    Love, to me, means being vulnerable, because it involves intense emotions. Being in love makes one strong, because not everybody can be vulnerable. That takes a lot of strength.

    No. I have had relationships, but I have never been in love. Yes, we should show love every day, but that is not an excuse for not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

    If I were in a relationship, I would expect something beautiful, and wake up to roses. I like romance, and I also like to be given romantic treats. However, I feel like the reason people expect a lot on Valentine’s Day is because they are in relationships. As far as I am concerned, if one has family members and friends, one can spend Valentine’s Day with them.

    I will most likely spend the day with my mum, because she is in Lagos at the moment. We would go out and have a nice time.

    I give plenty of Valentine’s gifts every year. I have also got flowers, accessories, and perfumes. My brother got me a perfume last year.

    What has been your worst and best Valentine’s Day experience?

    I won’t say I have had the worst Valentine’s Day experience, although I have had experiences when I spent time with myself. But, I won’t say that was bad.

    I had the best Valentine’s Day experience when I was in secondary school, and my dad was my date. He came with a huge gift to my school, and I think that was my best experience. He used to be my Valentine’s date every year.

    I am single, but I’m not ready to mingle.

    I feel I am not getting myself out enough to find somebody. The last time I tried to be in a relationship, I thought I was ready, but I found out I was not ready enough. But now, I have learnt a lot though.

    The way my feelings and emotions are, I feel like if somebody is clean, pure, intentional and honest, that is okay.

    I like the idea of mingling though, but I feel like I have learnt to love and be by myself; so it is going to be very hard to enjoy somebody else’s company.


    – Florence Okechukwu

    I am an introvert, so I would prefer to be indoors with my family. That is my idea of having a good time.

    I don’t subscribe to the notion that Valentine’s Day should be a special day set aside to do a particular thing so, off the top of my head, I cannot tell you there is a special memory.

    Our entire being is based on love, so it is very important that we celebrate loveV every day, especially in this part of the world, where people do certain things, and one cannot fathom why. I believe love should be celebrated every second of our existence, because life without love is empty and by love, I mean love for self, human beings in general, country, and the earth.

    The major quality I admire in him is his love for God, which is a defining aspect of who he is and what he believes in.

    I did not have any reservations, and I always knew the kind of man I wanted. What I just did not want was anyone whose profession would entail him wearing any kind of uniform, such as the police, because of the risks involved. I wanted a man who loved God, and was willing to love me the way God wants him to love me. I also wanted someone I could respect, and my kids could look up to.

    We have been married for 11 years and of course, there have been ups and downs. We manage conflicts by communication and transparency. If one has nothing to hide, there is no need to navigate anything. We do not let ego get in the way.

    Pray and talk with your spouse all the time. You only get what you give so, create standards and boundaries in your relationships with others. Having alone time together is also a great thing, and physical connection is key.

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