• Controversy lingers over Mr Ibu’s health crisis

    Controversy lingers over mr ibus health crisis - nigeria newspapers online
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    Ever since the news of a veteran actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, surfaced online, there have been unending controversies surrounding his family affairs.

    Recently, the actor’s wife, Stella Maris, alleged that she had no access to the donations that were made by well meaning Nigerians for his medical bills, stating that his adopted daughter, Jasmine, had ulterior plans for the money.

    On her part, Jasmine claimed that Stella Maris wanted to use the money for a Brazillian Butt Lift surgery, and buy an iPhone and other personal things, while her husband was still on the hospital bed.

    This is even as it has been alleged that Mr Ibu had been in a sexual relationship with Jasmine.

    In a voice recording, the actor was said to have stated that he stopped having intercourse with her when he learnt that she was also having an affair with his son.

    Although these issues seem strange to some people, in an interview with in February 2023, Mr Ibu, had given hints that all was not well in his home.

    Describing his marriage to Stella Maris as feeling like a punishment, he had said, “This is my fifth and worst marriage, because my wife adopted what is not obtainable. This feels like punishment; not marriage. I doubt if I am still in the marriage, because it seems she has already prepared her mind to leave, and I’m not going to stop her. I support her leaving. Each time I see her, I begin to breathe erratically, and it is not good for me, because I am not ready to die.”

    The comic actor alleged that since his wife started moving with different women who were putting thoughts into her head, she had changed.

    He added that while he had been in and out of hospital in the past, his wife did not care for him, but was only interested in money. He stated that he stopped eating his wife’s food but would rather go to Jasmine (his adopted daughter)’s house to eat, because he suspected his wife was involved in his poisoning some years ago.

    He said, “I suspected my wife, and I confronted her, but she denied it. I cannot eat her food anymore. For now, I only eat from Jasmine’s kitchen. She cooks a lot, and I like eating.”

    The veteran actor also stated that he adopted Jasmine because nobody cared for her and she was abandoned. He said, “It was because nobody cared for her. She was abandoned. I usually go to places and listen to people. She told me she used to watch my movies, and she loved me so much and would like to be in my care. She bears my name, but it wasn’t until later that the adoption was legalised. Her mother consented to me adopting her. Jasmine is so mature.”

    Mr Ibu also added that the relationship between his wife and Jasmine had not always been frosty.

    “Jasmine started sponsoring the family, buying foodstuff, and giving my wife money. Sometimes, my wife would leave the house to go and stay with Jasmine. Everything was going fine,” he said.

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