• DashTickets research: Nigeria esport statistics 2024

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    DashTickets research: Nigeria esport statistics 2024

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    The Nigerian esports industry will grow tremendously in the coming years, especially among the new generation. The industry is tapping the vast potential of GenZ and has also attracted people from other age groups to join it. Our article is based on statistics for esports collected by experts from DashTickets and will discuss the industry’s facts, future development, and prospects.

    Key Market Insights:

    Here are some of the critical insights that you should know about the Nigerian Esports industry:

    Here are some of the factors that DashTickets editors collect about the Nigerian esports statistics:

    DashTickets is an online casino magazine that regularly collects and analyzes industry statistics in Africa, conducts research and tests player platforms, and is the most trusted brand in New Zealand.

    Several noteworthy eSports events and contests have brought Nigeria into the public eye:

    Nigerian Esports Championship:

    The top players from around the nation come together for this annual competition, where they compete against one another in a range of games to win cash prizes and notoriety. The NESF (Nigerian Esports Federation) allows the players to register for different games. The winners are chosen and then allowed to represent the company globally. The championship is one of the pioneering events in the country, and people from far-flung areas want to be a part of it. The Nigerian sports federations enjoy hosting the events and care for everything on their behalf.

    Lagos eSports Festival

    Gaming, music, and entertainment come together at the Lagos Esports Festival in the country’s commercial center to produce an occasion that draws sizable attendance. Every year, Lagos, Nigeria, hosts a one-day festival called the Lagos Games Festival. This is a festival with an emphasis on arts and games. Charles Memud founded the organization to promote gaming culture and create economic prospects for the gaming industry. The festival provides a venue for live competitions and tournaments, gambling magazines like DashTickets, as well as for musicians to perform and people from all over the world to take part in local and international sports. Families or groups of friends are welcome to visit the kid-friendly festival (LGF). The festival is celebrated by many people, especially local artisans and natives, and is full of outdoor activities. Because of COVID-19, many online competitions have come forward and have engaged people. One of the best things about these games is that people can enjoy and play them from their home.


    In the upcoming years, the esports industry in Nigeria will surface with rapid growth, better participation, and a great future. As technology improves, investment flows well, and the country will rise as a great player in the global arena. This journey will undoubtedly be quite promising, as people across the globe are watching them rise in the industry.

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