The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, on Monday, distributed grains to aged and vulnerable residents in his domain, urging the Federal Government to consider channelling palliatives to poor Nigerians through royal fathers.

Oba Akanbi, who visited Molaasan Royal Compound, among other compounds in Iwo, where he handed out 5kg bags of rice and cash of various sums to many vulnerable residents to cushion the effects of the harsh economy on them, said monarchs would not discriminate in the sharing of such items.

Issues of sharing of tonnes of grains that the Federal Government has been releasing to states across the country to lessen the effects of fuel subsidy removal on the people has been a major cause of disagreement between many governors and the opposition parties in their states.

In Osun State, the opposition, All Progressives Congress has repeatedly criticised the state government for its alleged refusal to utilise maximally cash and grains collected from the Federal Government as palliatives for the vulnerable residents.


But Oluwo, who expressed concern that many of the post-subsidy removal interventions of the Federal Government were not being felt by the less privileged, said transparent royal fathers were another avenue through which the needy in the society could be reached with palliatives.

The monarch said, “Traditional rulers serve as a link between the government and the people. You can see that I went to my people in their respective homes. I didn’t send anyone to them. That is to show the government that traditional rulers can go as far as meeting people in their respective houses because we are the closest to the grassroots.

“I was in Aso Villa to listen to the President. He has good plans and that is why we are imploring Nigerians in this time of rebirth, at the time of digging a new foundation, it is always hard, but before long, the sufferings will end. During this trying time, the rich should help the poor so that we can all grow together and fight the corruption in the land.”

Asked if the Federal Government could start channelling palliatives for the less privileged through royal fathers, Oba Akanbi said, “It is the traditional rulers that can actually reach out to people. People must be sincere in what they do. If they see that the traditional rulers can reach their people, why not?  Like me, I didn’t discriminate in my sharing. I give the food to those who need it. You can see the love they showed to me.”