A Ghanaian cleric, Bishop Sam Owusu, has expressed disappointment in his fellow Ghanaians for not offering the same level of support to Ghanaian clerics as they do to Nigerian pastors.

This is coming in the wake of Nigerian Pastor Jerry Eze’s conference in Ghana.

The Nations’ Service Project with Pastor Jerry Eze reportedly attracted over 60,000 people last week.

The Ghana Conference, also known as the NSPPD conference, attracted a lot of buzz on social media.

However, Owusu, in a viral clip on Saturday, chided his church members and his countrymen for attending the conference.

Owusu is the Senior Pastor of the Pottersville church, East Legon Hills, Accra, Ghana.

He shared concerns about Ghanaians labelling their pastors as fake but supporting the ministries of Nigerian pastors.

In an impassioned speech in front of his members, he said, “Sometimes I am very surprised about Ghanaians, how hypocritical we are.

“We don’t respect our own and we don’t honour our own and we don’t love our own. We celebrate foreigners more than our own.

“But there is no foreigner that will celebrate Ghanaian. Look at how Ghana members and Ghanaian Christians follow Nigerian pastors and respect Nigerian men of God than even Ghanaian pastors.

“That’s why we kill all our prophets. That’s why we kill all our men of God. As if we don’t have an anointed man of God in this country

“Every prophet in Ghana is considered as fake. Every anointed man of God is considered fake.”

Talking about Eze’s programme, he said, “Just last week, one of the young men in Nigeria came to do a prayer conference here and over 50,000 people were there praying, Ghanaians o!

“But let me tell you, do you know there is no Ghanaian Pastor that will go to Nigeria to have that crowd? Not even 10%?

“Nigerians will never that’s why there is no bigger Ghanaian Church in Nigeria. Nigerians respect and love their own”

He added, “You go to Jerry Eze programme, you are sponsoring a Nigerian at the detriment of your own prophet in Ghana.

“I don’t hate him. I love the man. I love the young man. He came to Ghana and pulled over 100,000 crowd and took offerings and seed to his country and I saw even the Electoral commissioner who was the one who went to receive him from the airport.”

This situation has triggered responses from many individuals, who have highlighted the ongoing competition between Ghana and Nigeria.

The two African nations have often clashed in attempts to establish superiority.

In recent years, Ghana and Nigeria have engaged in friendly competition over Afrobeats, football, and jollof rice.