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     Chelsea has a male bestie whom she fell in love with. The guy is a fast-rising content creator. As besties, they had fun cruising with girls and she often helped him to rizz those girls. When he began to confess his love for her, she thought he was catching a cruise with her like he did with other girls. When she finally agreed to date him, she thought he would stop chasing girls but he didn’t. Now, she is worried that he might lose interest in her someday as he becomes more famous. 

    “We met on Instagram. He was an up-coming content creator. Then he had low views and was not popular. We became best friends and I appeared in some of his skits. Initially, I didn’t like him because I was older than him; I was 22 years and he was 20 years old and he had a very foul character: uncultured and hot-tempered. We quarreled often because of his razz attitude. 

    “When we began to understand each other better, the fight reduced and he began to confess his love for me. At first, I thought he was joking because I had seen him talk to many girls in the same way; he had a sweet tongue and knew how to get a girl to fall in love with him and many did fall for his love schemes. He was never serious with any. He makes girls fall in love with him for fun. As best friends, I often acted as his sister just to make a girl say yes. In the end, we just laughed about it. 


    “When he asked me to be his girlfriend, I thought he wanted to catch cruise with my feelings. I said no to him; I preferred the way we were friends. Later on, I noticed when he made advances on other girls, I became jealous, something that I once laughed about became lame to watch. 


    “It was then I realised I had fallen in love with him. I agreed to date him. But he still went about chasing other girls. His phone was filled with girls’ numbers, and he chatted and texted different girls with sweet words. I had thought saying yes to him would make him stop but no, he told me he was doing it for fun. Although I have not caught him sleeping with another girl, I am afraid his taste will change as he grows and gets more famous, and he may forget about me. 

    “While we are dating, he has gone out with about three girls I know of. Whenever we had a disagreement and stopped talking, he would move on with another girl and when we got back together, he would leave the girl and come back to me. 

    He said I was his first love, and I knew he loved me more, or should I say was obsessed with me because he got angry when I talked to other guys – the reason for most of our fights. I am scared of losing him because I have fallen in love with him.” 

    Dear Chelsea, you should enjoy the moment – the vibes and the love he is giving you right now instead of worrying about tomorrow. Create good memories with him, it will keep the relationship moving forward. When a man loves and wants you, they do everything to keep you; it’s like the pelican bird, no matter where it flies, it surely returns to its owner. Both of you are young and vibrant, enjoy the moment and let tomorrow worry about itself. 

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