• Jide Awobona speaks on staying away from scandals

    Jide awobona speaks on staying away from scandals - nigeria newspapers online
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    An actor, Jide Awobona, has said he rarely gets involved in controversies because of the kind of upbringing he had.

    He told “Being in the news is part of the package of being a public figure, either good or bad. However, I come from a very disciplined family. Even if I was not an actor, I am always careful of what I do. I am not perfect though. I have my flaws but my upbringing has helped me to stay away from trouble.”

    Speaking on people who feel that awards are not a true measure of one’s works, Awobona said, “They are not wrong. Awards are not a true measure of the quality of one’s work. Some might be bothered but make it seem like they are not bothered. Meanwhile, some persons are genuinely not bothered.

    “For me, it depends on the kind of awards and the organisers. Sometimes, one weighs the credibility of the award. Whenever I get an award, it is a reminder for me to keep getting better. It means that truly, what I am doing is being appreciated. I see it is a result of my hard work. It makes me want to do more, and gives me a sense of belonging.”

    Speaking on how he ensures that he is not stereotyped in the industry, he said, “There is nothing like stereotyping in Nollywood. I am also a producer. Whenever I want to cast anyone for any role, I look for the person who can interpret the role best. As an actor, it is fine that one should be able to do anything and everything. That does not take away the fact that there are roles one would be better at”

    Reacting to the notion that many men find it difficult to stay faithful to one woman, he said, “People have different views on this topic. When people say men are polygamous in nature, I feel women too want to be polygamous in nature. I think discipline and respect for their partners are what have been keeping a lot of people faithful in marriage.”

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