• Step By Step Guide to Making Classic Nigerian Fruit Punch

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    Step By Step Guide to Making Classic Nigerian Fruit Punch

    By Kareem Azeez 14 June 2024   |   10:23 am Nigerian cuisine is known for its tasty bold flavours and colours. This spirit extends to its many beverages, and one good example is the classic Nigerian fruit punch. Perfect for any celebration, even on silent comfy days. This cocktail offers a refreshing medley of sweet and tart fruit flavours. Here is how to make this,…

    Orange Lime Cocktail drink. Photo: DrinkSwap

    Here is how to make this, in the comfort of your home, and on a budget. 


    • 2 litres of citrus soda (such as lemon-lime)
    • 2 liters of orange soda
    • 1.5 cups black currant cordial (or grenadine)
    • 1 orange, thinly sliced
    • 1 lime, thinly sliced
    • 3-4 tablespoons aromatic bitters (such as Angostura)
    • Ice cubes
    • Optional: Additional seasonal fruits (diced cucumber, pineapple chunks)

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    1. Mix the Sodas: Combine the citrus soda and orange soda in a large pitcher.
    2. Fruity Infusion: Add the sliced orange and lime to the pitcher.
    3. Aromatic depth (Optional): Add a few dashes of aromatic bitters for a touch of complexity. These bitters contribute to a subtle depth of flavour, but their inclusion is a matter of preference.
    4. Chill thoroughly: Fill the pitcher with ice cubes to ensure the beverage is chilled.
    5. Fruity flair (optional): For extra flavour and texture, you can dice it with cucumber or pineapple chunks.
    6. Serve and celebrate: Stir gently and ladle the fruit punch into ice-filled glasses.

    You can also do the following if there is. 

    • Excessive sweetness: If the punch is too sweet, dilute it slightly with a splash of club soda or water.
    • Spiked variation (Optional): For an adult version, add a measured amount of a spirit like vodka or gin to individual servings.
    • Seasonal twist: Experiment with seasonal fruits like berries or mangoes to create a unique flavour profile.

    This Nigerian fruit punch is a beautiful and delicious centrepiece for any gathering. With its refreshing flavours and vibrant colours, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that embodies the spirit of Nigerian hospitality.

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