• Trump literally MURDERED Biden in 90-minute encounter

    Trump literally murdered biden in 90-minute encounter - nigeria newspapers online
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    By Femi Fani-Kayode

    It was a horror show for the Dems and it ended in the total and complete massacare and annihilation of their feeble, ailing, mumbling, weak, disconnented, stuttering, verbally incomprehensible, mentally vacant and utterly lost presidential candidate.

    I believe the greatest disservice that Bidens handlers did to him was to allow him to participate in that debate.

    If I didn’t despise him as much as I do I would feel sorry for Joe and I assure you that he has NO chance of being re-elected as President in five months time.

    He came across as a confused, bungling, fumbling idiot who had NO idea about what he was saying or doing.

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    He is not only a great danger to America but he is also a great danger to the world.

    He did not need a debate last night and neither does he need to run for President: what he needs are prayers and a good doctor and what the Dems need is a new candidate to replace him.

    I thank God for the timely, dramatic and remarkable return of Donald J. Trump to the world stage.

    We missed him sorely and we need him now more than ever!

    He WILL be elected as America’s next President and he may yet save the world from WW3.


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