• AYGF Pushes for Universal Coverage in Nigeria

    Aygf pushes for universal coverage in nigeria - nigeria newspapers online
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    From Okwe Obi, Abuja

    To mark this year’s World Malaria Day, the Africa Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF) has called on the Federal Government to increase funding for the healthcare sector.

    The theme for this year’s celebration is “Accelerating the Fight Against Malaria for a More Equitable World.”

    AYGF Executive Director, Dr. Salifu Arome, spoke to journalists in Abuja yesterday. He emphasized the need for the government to adopt Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as a means to curb the spread of malaria in vulnerable rural communities.

    Arome also urged the government and development partners to strengthen campaigns promoting conventional medical practices for malaria prevention and treatment.

    “In AYGF, we believe everyone has the right to access quality, timely, and affordable services to prevent, detect, and treat malaria,” Arome said. “However, this is not currently a reality for many Nigerians.”

    “As a result, we are making the following recommendations:

    “Engaging communities in health decision-making: The needs of communities are best addressed when their members are involved. Soliciting their input ensures interventions are sustainable after they are implemented.

    “Community ownership is crucial for long-term success. When community members see the value of interventions and take ownership of them, the positive results are more likely to continue even after the initial project has ended.

    “Addressing factors that increase malaria risk: Malaria is a growing public health issue in Nigeria. Without preventative measures, it will continue to spread. Sensitization and awareness campaigns can educate communities about healthy practices that reduce malaria prevalence.

    “These campaigns can also help bring healthcare closer to the people, making it easier for them to prevent and treat malaria.

    “Improving access to healthcare in vulnerable communities: Many Nigerians, particularly those in hard-to-reach areas, struggle to afford healthcare. We need to improve access to affordable healthcare services in these communities.

    “Adopting Universal Health Coverage (UHC): A significant portion of the Nigerian population lives below the poverty line, making healthcare unaffordable for many. Implementing UHC would ensure everyone has access to the full range of necessary healthcare services, regardless of their financial situation.

    “Immediate action and collaboration: The changes we seek in healthcare cannot be achieved by one organization alone. AYGF recognizes the importance of collaboration with relevant partners to expand the impact of our work beyond individual communities and reach the entire nation.”

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