• Demolition: We won’t succumb to propaganda, blackmail, threat – Lagos vows

    Demolition we wont succumb to propaganda blackmail threat lagos vows - nigeria newspapers online
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    Demolition: We won’t succumb to propaganda, blackmail, threat – Lagos vows


    Published By: Kazeem Ugbodaga

    By Kazeem Ugbodaga

    The Lagos State Government on Thursday vowed not to succumb to any propaganda, blackmail and threat in enforcing its environmental laws which has seen several buildings demolished.

    The demolished buildings in Lekki and other areas were erected on drainage channels. The government said it wants to avert flood by all means and so the buildings have to go.

    Many others are still earmarked for demolition across the state.

    Ethnicity is being projected by certain parts of the country as the reason for the demolition of the buildings.

    Earlier today, Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State condemned the demolition of buildings in Lagos and other parts of the country in this hardship.

    “It’s with complete despondency and unhappiness that I have followed the ongoing demolitions of properties across the country, especially knowing the extra hardship such acts have been heaping on hapless citizens who are already battling with multi-dimensional Poverty.

    “The poor in our midst who are putting their meager resources are going through very severe financial stress that should not be multiplied further,” he said.

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    Obi lamented that in some cases, the properties being demolished were the life-time savings and retirement abodes of the aged and incapacitated.

    “My appeal therefore is for the respective governments involved in this act to consider the hardship in the country and try and put a human face to their actions.

    “While we should enforce sensible regulations, all actions of government must show compassion,” Obi stated.

    But the Lagos State Government said it was not moved by emotions and propaganda as it must enforced the laws.

    Lagos Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab in a tweet on X on Thursday said no one could break the law and still benefit from it.

    He said the law would take its course, saying that the era of ‘anyhowness’ is completely over.”

    According to Wahab, “We are not going to bow to any propaganda, blackmail or threat. No one can break the law and still benefit from it. The law will take it’s course. The era of ‘anyhowness’ is completely over!”

    “I don’t see ethnicity, I don’t see tribe, I don’t see colors. I see the law and the right things to be done,” he added.

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