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    Embassy condemns israeli governments withholding of palestinian tax funds daily trust - nigeria newspapers online
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    The Palestine Embassy in Nigeria has strongly condemned the Israeli government’s refusal to transfer 170 million shekels ($45.5 million) of Palestinian tax funds to the Palestine National Authority.

    In a press release issued Friday, the embassy characterised this move as part of Israel’s ongoing collective war against the Palestinian people.

    According to the press release, the Israeli government accused the Palestinian Authority of leading unilateral movements and legally challenging Israel in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, adding that Israel stated that individuals or entities working against its fighters and leaders in the Hague should not receive any assistance, considering the tax revenue as a form of assistance from Israel’s side.

    The Embassy pointed out that this action by the Israeli government directly contradicts signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, as well as international law.

    The release also stated the dire consequences of the withholding of the funds, noting that for many months, the Palestinian Authority has been unable to pay its employees their full salaries, exacerbating the already fragile economic situation in Palestine.

    “The occupying power, Israel, is pushing the entire Palestinian society to the brink of the abyss by withholding these funds,” stated the embassy spokesperson.

    The press release also called upon the international community to take immediate action in response to Israel’s actions, urging the international community to exert all legitimate, legal, and diplomatic pressure on the Israeli government to cease its current genocidal war and halt all other illegal moves against the Palestinian people.

    “The international community cannot stand idly by while the war against the Palestinian people continues to affect all aspects of their lives,” it added.


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