• Emmanuel solicits government support for Nigerian airlines

    Emmanuel solicits government support for nigerian airlines - nigeria newspapers online
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    Former Governor of Akwa Ibom state Udom Emmanuel has stressed the need to concession Nigerian airlines for economic growth.

    Emmanuel, who founded Ibom Air during his tenure as governor, said this while speaking to aviation reporters at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

    He stressed the need for the government to give preference to Nigerian airlines to help compete favourably with other airlines across the globe.

    “I am not calling for subsidy for airline business but they should be given preference on certain things because we operate from the same market,” Emmanuel said. “Whether we like it or not the economy of the country cannot grow if people cannot move from one point to the other.

    “Forget what the Western world keeps saying, there is no country on earth that does not have some kind of subsidy for its citizens. There needs to be some concession given to the entire aviation industry so that people can move from one point to the other.”

    Reflecting on the establishment of Ibom Air, Udom expressed pride in the airline’s accomplishments, particularly its acquisition of modern aircraft such as the A223 series, he said underscored the importance of innovation and creativity in overcoming challenges.

    He expressed confidence in the airline’s ability to thrive under the current management and credited the success of Ibom Air to effective leadership and adherence to a solid foundation laid during his tenure as governor.

    “If you check Ibom air, they have a cultural system. And look at it right now, a brand new airline, A223 series and tell me why they will not survive. And by the grace of God very soon, another one is coming,” Emmanuel said.

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