• Excos fingered as UrbanPrime2 Estate residents face water crisis over unpaid bills

    Excos fingered as urbanprime2 estate residents face water crisis over unpaid bills - nigeria newspapers online
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    Excos fingered as UrbanPrime2 Estate residents face water crisis over unpaid bills

    UrbanPrime2 Estate

    Published By: Kazeem Ugbodaga

    Residents of UrbanPrime2 Estate in Ogombo, Ajah, are grappling with a water crisis after the estate’s water supply was abruptly cut off.

    The suspension, attributed to unpaid utility bills, has caused significant disruption to daily life for residents, who are now facing inconveniences and seeking a swift resolution.

    In what appears to be a controversial move, the Excos is alleged to be making an attempt to sway public opinion against the developer by engaging with the media. Insiders suggest that this may be a strategic effort to discredit the developer and potentially seize control of the estate’s management.

    The developer, LandWey Investment Limited, known for its significant contributions to the community and the development of UrbanPrime2 Estate, has expressed dismay over the development, saying. “Our commitment has always been to the well-being of the residents and the prosperity of UrbanPrime2. It is regrettable that such tactics are being employed.

    The statement said the water supply to the estate was suspended due to the Excos’ negligence in paying the requisite utility bills on time.

    Residents of the estate are getting increasingly concerned as the dispute threatens the harmony and operational efficiency of the community.

    Meanwhile, calls for transparency, accountability, and immediate resolution to the utility crisis are intensifying among the community members. The situation remains tense as both sides navigate this complex dispute. The community eagerly awaits a resolution that will restore stability and ensure the uninterrupted provision of essential services.

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