• Experts to attend blockchain confab in Canada

    Experts to attend blockchain confab in canada - nigeria newspapers online
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    Experts from Nigeria will be in Toronto to attend the sixth edition of Canada’s largest crypto event, Blockchain Futurist Conference, scheduled for August 13 and 14.

    The conference is the largest blockchain conference in North America and aims to be one of the world’s most significant events of the year.

    Organisers anticipate that attendees will leverage multiple platforms to create a future universe within a conference. The conference consists of multiple stages and over 7,000 attendees, 200+ partners, 1,000+ Web 3 developers, and 100+ media personnel.

    Organised by Untraceable Events, renowned for their over a decade-long legacy in the blockchain event space, the conference is a gathering of the brightest minds and showcase of latest innovations.

    The Nigerian delegation will seek to consolidate on the gains of blockchain adoption and the growth of the digital economy in the country and in the West African region, as reports now rank the country as the third fastest-growing cryptocurrency market globally, steadily attracting large investments.

    Interest from businesses and governments in the region has been driving growth for end-to-end applications, such as supply chain management, financial inclusion, remittances, startups and innovation, and identity verification, among others.

    Some of the stakeholders in the West African entourage include Ehimare Okogbenin, Financial Market Analyst; Emordi Ikechukwu Samuel, Investment Banker; Ngozi Uzoma, Data Analyst; Joy Oluchi Onwe, Blockchain Enthusiast, among others.

    Speaking about his expectations, Ehimare Okogbenin noted that West Africa continues to remain critical to the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa while platforms such as the Futurist Blockchain Conference can help deepen strategic partnerships needed for sub-regional economic growth.

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