• Facts don’t lie: Some Nigerians caterwauling to disprove Buhari’s achievements – Presidency

    Facts dont lie some nigerians caterwauling to disprove buharis achievements presidency - nigeria newspapers online
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    The Presidency has said some Nigerians are caterwauling to disprove President Muhammadu Buhari’s undeniable achievements, without success.

    Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, in a write-up, titled: “They claim Buhari didn’t do anything,” said on Sunday April 30, the Media Office of the President released a 91-page document on the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari over the past eight years, saying it was a job painstakingly done for many weeks by the Presidential Communications Team.

    He said “I must confess that I was awed by things recorded in that one-stop shop of presidential accomplishments. Successes, achievements, landmark deliveries everywhere. On infrastructure; rail, roads, bridges, airports, air and seaports, power, housing, water resources. Legislative reforms. Executive Orders. Ease of Doing Business. Digital Economy. Oil and Gas. Solid minerals. Agriculture. Social Investment and Poverty Alleviation. Support to States. Law enforcement and security. Youth and Sports Development. And many others. I say again: I was awe-struck when the document became ready.

    “Why do some people, cynics, skeptics, caviling, belabor themselves to prove that President Muhammadu Buhari hasn’t done anything for Nigeria in eight years? Facts don’t lie, and they are always there, staring you in the face.

    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations or dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” (John Adams). “Truth, like cork, cannot sink. It cannot be sunk. It always floats. Time will vindicate him.” (Prof Tam David-West, on Muhammadu Buhari).”

    Adesina said there had been two basic reactions to the released Fact Sheet, saying that good Nigerians, in untold numbers, were delighted, asking the government for copies, so they could use the content to countermand the antics of fake news merchants, “We gladly oblige.”

    “Others, caterwauling, wailing and whining, say ‘it’s not true. It can’t be true.’ And they are secretly going through the document with a magnifying glass, wanting to disprove some of the assertions. Alas, they are not succeeding, to their sorrow and disquietude.

    “Why do the heathens rage, and the people imagine vain things? What benefit is it to them, if President Buhari failed? Is it not to their disadvantage, that of their children, and the country in general? But beyond their shenanigans and negative wishes, the President has succeeded, and is still achieving; till the last day in office,” he said.


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