• Fayose: Why I will never be APC member

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    Ex-governor Ayodele Fayose said although he has massive respect for the President-Elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, he will never join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    He stated this on Tuesday night when he was featured on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’.

    According to him, he has had a fair opportunity to lead Ekiti state twice, defeating two incumbents.

    “Many people in Nigeria have been confronted with what they have said at different times and they either recant or say something new. I stand here to tell you that I will never be a member of the APC.

    “I am not in politics for what it is anymore. God has given me a fair opportunity to lead Ekiti two times and defeated two incumbents.”

    Nigeria, according to Fayose, is no longer a given. He cited how “taken for granted” youths went after leaders and sacked them as a further warning.

    He warned the country’s leaders that the events leading up to the 2023 elections, as well as the massive interest shown by young people, showed that it was no longer business as usual.

    “Young people did not hide their disdain. They went for the leaders’ neck and took out the neck, sacked them, and occupied the space. Let me tell you again, this is a warning and further warning for those people coming in and returning, that if you mess with the people, they will mess with you in four years’ time,” Fayose said.

    According to him, his support for the All Progressives Congress President-elect, Bola Tinubu, was based on equity principles, which meant that southern Nigeria should take over power at the federal level.

    “I have no apology for my action now and in the future. I have not hidden my respect for Bola Tinubu. My party, (the PDP), was prepared to fail.”

    Speaking on the ongoing election tribunal, Fayose said the 2023 presidential election is over, a winner has emerged, and whoever did not win on the field should know that the winner will not sit back and watch their victory disrupted through the courts.

    “For anybody to say you will unseat Ahmed Bola Tinubu, you are daydreaming, you are daydreaming, it’s a nightmare you are putting yourself through; that election has come and gone.

    “When you win somebody in Nigerian politics, let me tell you, it is better to win on the field, this one you are talking about is an afterthought, after launch.

    “When you are shouting court court, the other people will be looking at you to go and take over the court ahead of them?” Fayose asked rhetorically.

    “In America, the former president is still saying he was rigged. He who comes to equity must have clean hands. Today, in Nigeria, that election has come and gone but you are at liberty to go to court.”

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