• Gateway poly student seeks govt help to end robberies

    Gateway poly student seeks govt help to end robberies - nigeria newspapers online
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    A student of Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Sapaade, Ogun State, with the username, @only1palesky on the social media app, TikTok, has solicited help from the government to help curb the incessant armed robbery attacks in the institution.

    PUNCH Online reports that armed robbers had been attacking students of the polytechnic, dispossessing them of their valuables while also raping the females.

    The marauders had, in the last two weeks, carried out more than three attacks on students and residents of Isara, Ipara and Ode communities in the state.

    In a video posted on his TikTok account on Saturday, the student (name unknown) narrated in a shaky voice, how tense the school environment has been in recent times, adding that his friend, Makinde Ayomide, was fatally shot in the head on December 2, 2023.

    He said, “There is this thing going on in that school. Please, government, it’s like you guys are not seeing it at all, they are killing us. They shot my friend in the head this morning. He is confirmed dead.

    “The school is not even doing anything about it all, this is getting too much. I talked with my friend 12 a.m. today, I was asleep when I got a call, they told me my friend was shot in the head and was confirmed dead at 3 a.m. this morning.

    “He’s not the first person they killed. Some other students have been killed before now.

    The student added that armed robbery incidents had been happening for years, noting that the students are usually the victims.

    He revealed that the robbers come to rob, steal, kidnap and even rape female students of the school.

    “Those armed robbers usually come to rob us. They don’t do such to the indigenes, only the students,” he lamented.

    The poly student also stated that the school authorities have not been heeding the calls of the students.

    He called on the government to rescue the students from the robbery attacks.

    “The school authorities are not doing anything about it. Government, please help the students,” he said.

    The student told fellow students to leave the school environment and go to their houses, saying “Every student there should run to their houses.

    “There are kings and there’s a governor in that state but nobody is doing anything about it and they are hearing about it.”

    The TikTok user recalled that students of the polytechnic held a protest earlier when one of them was shot dead by the robbers before the unfortunate demise of his friend while wondering how the parents of such victims would feel.

    “Imagine a parent who sent his child to school and was later called in the morning that the child had been shot in the head by some robbers, how does that sound?” he queried.

    Angered by the incessant attacks, the students of the institution, last week, staged a protest to express their grievances.

    The situation has, however, forced the management, on Monday, to shut down the school pending when normalcy is restored.

    The management directed the students to stay out of school for the next two weeks.

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