• Good Hacks to Try When You Don’t Feel Up To It

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    Good Hacks to Try When You Don’t Feel Up To It

    By Itoro Victoria Oladokun 13 May 2024   |   12:11 pm Exercises are great but for most of us– especially the beginners, we have those mornings where we just want to curdle the pillows and embrace the duvets, not letting anything steal the last moment of sleep from us. Where sluggishness and sleepiness set in, there are some amazing hacks that can certainly help us at…

    Stretch. Photo credit- Google, by Healthline

    Sleep is such a serious business— the reason your body seems tired. What to do? Give it a good stretch! Yes, stretching makes you feel refreshed, reduces tension and pains while getting your body ready to deal with the day ahead.

    More so, it aids in the flow of blood to the muscles and the brain. We can only truly be ready for any exercise when the body and the brain is fully awake, so give your body a refreshing stretch to start  a ‘fitful’ day!

    Splash Splash Splash!

    For a sleepy body who has refused to be awakened to daily tasks and exercise, a good splash of water will  pull some tricks. If you don’t want a full shower, some splash on your face will go a long way.

    Fuel your Day with Some Healthy Breakfast

    Consider taking breakfast, especially now that your body isn’t responding to your calls. Starting the day without it can further weaken your system, preventing optimum functioning and it can also reduce alertness. Food is fuel, make it a fitful day with some healthy calories.

    However, if you’re still considering a workout, be sure to eat after it, not before, as it is easy to burn some calories that way. This may also help you prevent unwanted rumblings in the stomach as well.

    Take in Less Sugar

    Do not take more sugar in the morning. Reason is that it may result in the classic blood-sugar-spike-and-drop which may not be healthy for you. You don’t want to be so active during the day, when you have consumed enough sugar, only to get home drained of all energy to function for the rest of the day. In place of sugar, you can do honey- a good deal anytime.

    Take a Walk and Embrace Nature

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