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    By Naomi Sharang

    President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has revealed that young and old people in his constituency fasted for him to be victorious in the legal battle to regain the ticket for Yobe North senatorial district.

    Lawan said this when he received a congratulatory card from the Senate Press Corps on Tuesday in Abuja.

    He therefore said he owe his re-election into the National Assembly to the support of the people of Yobe-North.

    The Senate President said that the people of Yobe North should take credit for the election victory.

    “You will recall that when the crisis about who will run for the senate seat for Yobe-north started, the matter was taken to court.

    “At the Federal High Court Damaturu, somebody else was given judgement.

    “Immediately the following morning, I issued a statement signed by me that I accepted the judgement of the Federal High Court Damaturu given the senate seat to somebody else and that I was not going to appeal the judgement and I meant it and I didn’t have any doubt about what I was doing.

    “I was thoroughly convinced of what I was doing. But the people of Yobe North stood up in unison and in solidarity,” he said.

    Lawan added: “They said that senate seat for Yobe North is not my personal thing. It is their own.

    “So, while they respect my opinion and my right to say something that I said before, they wanted an appeal against the judgement.

    “The party at the state level, APC, my party, took up the gauntlet.

    “The Gov. of Yobe also took up the gauntlet and the party at the national level, the APC headquarters, also took up the gauntlet and the party appealed. Of course, they lost at the Appeal Court.”

    “And at the supreme Court, the judgement came in our favour. We thank the Almighty God for giving us the judgement because God has plans for all of us and there is a popular adage that “man proposes, God disposes.

    “While I was ready not to contest again because of my decision, God did not see it that way. God look at the hearts of the most ordinary people that I represent”.

    Lawan said that the people including the elderly and women fasted on their own for his sake.

    “Infact, I joined in the fast when I saw the youths in the zone started fasting.
    “They fasted for three or four days consecutively just praying to God that we get judgement. And we got it.

    “All through my over 20 years in the National Assembly and with this one, seven contested elections consecutively, I have never seen a show of love like this one.
    “And that is why I am going to carry this congratulatory card to Gashua to show my constituents,” he said.(NAN)

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