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    It is a fact that I get to live a thousand lives in one lifetime. I get to be different people at different times and experience their sorrows, happiness, and love (in a movie), and it is really beautiful to experience that in one’s lifetime. That’s the most beautiful part of me being an actor.

    From the beginning, I never expected anything but the best. So, I thought to myself that I was going to take my career to the zenith. I will take it as far as I can and I keep going. I never took no for an answer and I worked ceaselessly. Besides, I took all the opportunities that I had, and I am glad it is taking me this far and more in my career.

    An actor is his voice, body and skill. I think a combination of one, two or more of these must have been what propelled me. I like to think about my talent and how that really helped me.

    Even the Bible says that the gift of a man will make room for him and he will stand before kings and queens. I thank God for giving me the gift, for making me who I am and for being able to get this far (in my career).

    I can’t trace what inspired me to become an actor but I can say that I have always loved the arts. I love singing, writing stories, and poetry, and it has always been natural for me. One thing led to another and it took me here. There was no deciding moment for me. Life just put me here. Everything that came naturally to me, that I worked towards, and everything I excelled at just brought me here.

    Acting has paid off in the long run. It has helped me to live my life. It has given me a chance for me to go places, a chance for me to do exactly what I love and get paid for it. It is amazing waking up daily and knowing that God gave me a talent and I can use it to the maximum. It is a great feeling.

    Professionally, I have been in the industry since 2003. My experience so far has been really beautiful. It has been a roller coaster of some sort, learning the ropes, coming through it, and seeing the industry grow.

    When I came into the industry, it was different. Now things are changing. There are new emerging markets, and structures, and it is really beautiful to see how it has become and where it is going. We are all excited to see it.

    I am comfortable and my real wealth is knowing that I touch people with my talent. I know people see me and they appreciate the work that I do. Sometimes, it is overwhelming. Some people will say they see my movie and it feels so real and it doesn’t feel like I was acting. When I step on a set, I don’t want it to look like I am acting. I want it to be real.

    The fact that I am achieving that, that is a real wealth for me. The fact that it makes people happy also makes me really happy.

    Being famous opens doors because a lot of times people recognise me and that gives me access to a lot of places. It has helped me in some cases where I needed some assistance. Being a celebrity is a door opener.

    The role that brought me to the limelight was my first lead role in 2005 in the movie, ‘Lost to Lust’. It was a nice movie and it was really nice playing the lead role and getting the experience that I needed for other times (roles).

    I don’t like the publicity that comes with being famous. I love my job a lot, I love the arts, but it is the fame I am not sure of because I am not someone who wants to be recognised all the time. That is something that happens to me all the time (being recognised).

    Way back in the day, things were a lot simpler and less structured. There was money to be made of course, and consumption (of movies) was limited by certain standards that we didn’t have.

    It is a lot different now with the advent of social media and streaming sites. Also, there is a lot of money, competition, and opportunities for anyone serious about the business. It is a world apart from when we started and where things are now.

    Things are a lot better for the business now but I can’t say so about the craft. Back in the day, we paid attention to the craft and paid much attention to acting and it was not all about fashion, or social media following.

    The people who helped me while I was coming up were Steph-Nora Okere. She showed me the ropes. She was a good host when I came to Lagos. She told me some things about the industry and how to comport myself. I will also say Meg Video Links gave me the chance to play my lead role. Apart from that, other people gave me chances in their movies.

    I will also say Mercy Johnson (helped me in my early years in the industry). Then, I used to spot long hair and Meg asked me if I want to cut my hair for a role and I went to ask her (Mercy), and she advised me to cut it. She said people have been in the industry for so long and they are looking for the opportunity that I have.

    I put out a song last year titled ‘E No Dey Reach’. It is on streaming platforms. I am still thinking of shooting a video for it. In addition, I am thinking of putting out more (songs) because I want to be able to put out an album. There are other contents I am working on with other people. By the grace of God, by 2024, it is going to be fully disclosed.

    I try as much as possible to relate with my fans daily. I am not social media crazy but I tell anyone that if they send me a direct message on social media, I will always respond to it.

    If I meet my fans on the street and they want an engagement (conversation), I always respond to them.

    Even if I am in a hurry, I will still respond. For me, the real essence of being able to do what I do at this level is because of people out there who are appreciative of my works and relate with materials that we (entertainers) put out. So, our fans are always number one for us.

    My family is always away from social media. I am not someone that likes to put whatever I do out there. I am not a social media freak and I love my privacy.

    Whatever I don’t want to put out there, I do not. I like to put things close to my chest because I like my anonymity, privacy, peace and quiet. That is why I don’t go out a lot. Even in the industry, I minimise the places I show my face because I really cannot deal with all the publicity and attention. It is not really my thing.

    I think I am a modern father. I am not about just making rules and enforcing them like some sort of security agent. I am very approachable and hands-on, and I communicate.

    Unwinding for me means being at home and I don’t really like going out. I don’t like crowds. I just like to be around people I love and a cozy environment does it for me. I love reading, writing, listening to music, and watching movies. These are what I love to do with my loved ones.

    I don’t like noise but some people will not understand because they feel once one is an entertainer, one should like the razzmatazz.

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