• I’ll sponsor lithium exploration bill, says Senator-elect Wadada

    Ill sponsor lithium exploration bill says senator-elect wadada - nigeria newspapers online
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    By Olukayode Babalola

    Ahmed Wadada, the Nasarawa West Senator-Elect, has promised to sponsor a bill aimed at exploring lithium in the state.

    Wadada made the pledge during a press conference on Wednesday, after receiving visitors who came to congratulate him on his election victory.

    According to Wadada, lithium is abundant in the district, which is why he plans to sponsor a bill for lithium exploration after the 10th National Assembly takes office.

    He said exploration and exploitation of lithium in the area will go a long way in providing jobs for people of the area and also generating revenue for the federal, state and local government areas in possession of the solid mineral in the zone.

    “It is our duty as legislators to make laws that will see to the betterment of our society. For Nasarawa West Senatorial District, we are endowed.

    “That is why today, you see Chinese nationals all around the district because of lithium and quite a number of natural resources in the district.

    “Lithium is a very sensitive and important natural resource and we have it here and so it is for us to see how best we can put laws in place that will exploit, explore and unfold this natural resource and other potentials for the good of the people,” he said.

    Aside from the bill, Wadada said he would be very responsive to other needs of his people in a bid to give them quality representation at the Senate.

    “All I will tell the electorate is that those qualities of mine that they had experienced in the past during my sojourn at the national assembly for eight years is what they should expect and even beyond.

    “From 2011 that I left the National Assembly till now, the dynamics have changed and so I am very responsive and will only respond to those changes and see how best we can use them for the betterment of our people.

    “I am a team player, so we will work with relevant people and synergize and make life much easier for our people,” he said.

    Speaking about the election, Wadada urged politicians to rebrand themselves for the people they want to serve if they want to win.

    Furthermore, he urged voters to support candidates who, regardless of political platform or party affiliation, they believe are best suited for the position for which they are running.

    “The era of adhering or getting magnetized to a political platform or party because you belong to a political party is gone. We can clearly see what happened in Nasarawa state.

    “Today, Nasarawa state has no Senator-Elect of All Progressives Congress (APC) extraction because the people have shined their eyes. So let everybody shine his or her eyes for the good of the state,” he said.


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