• Joker gets pregnant, gives birth in new DC comics

    Joker gets pregnant gives birth in new dc comics - nigeria newspapers online
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    Joker, the long-time male arch-nemesis of Batman, has been portrayed to be pregnant in the latest release from DC Comics and he reportedly also gives birth to a baby boy in the new issue.

    The development has sparked outrage on social media, with people clamouring for children movies, comics and shows, especially those that have existed for a long time, to be left unaltered and not being used to portray the “LGBTQ+ agenda.”

    The Daily Mail UK explains that in the latest installment of the series, ‘The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing’, Batman’s nemesis becomes pregnant after a curse is placed on him and later ‘vomits a sort of brown goo’ that transforms into a baby boy, which ends up being mini version of the Joker.

    The issue also shows another twisted scene where supervillain Atomic Skull gives Joker a prenatal pelvic exam.

    While DC Comics on their website hyped the woke edition writing, “The world once again holds its breath as The Joker strikes again! But how far is he willing to go this time?” many are less enthusiastic about the new issue.

    Meanwhile, the new Joker movie, ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ will be released in October 2024 and would  feature the return of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.

    In October 2021, DC Comics also announced the introduction of a gay Superman character, Jon Kent, as the son of the original Superman character, Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

    Back then ex-Superman actor, Dean Cain, knocked DC Comics as being neither “bold” nor “brave” in an interview with Fox & Friends

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