• JUSUN asks Osun court workers to stop protests, strike

    Jusun asks osun court workers to stop protests strike - nigeria newspapers online
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    The national body of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria has said the body has never directed any member to protest amidst the ongoing tussle between the Osun State Chief Judge, Justice Adepele Ojo, and the state government. 

    It said under no guise should any of its members participate in any “illegal picketing, protest or job boycotting whatsoever.”

    The body disclosed this in a circular signed by the Deputy President, Emmanuel Abioye (for the president), a copy of which was made available to The PUNCH on Thursday.

    The letter read in parts, “Our attention has been drawn to the unfortunate incidence of unrest currently permeating the Osun State Judiciary as a result of the activity of some unscrupulous elements causing confusion in the name of the union in the Osun State Judiciary and we hereby state as follows:

    “Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria as a responsible union has never and will never take any perceived or real partisan position in all its activities with individuals or organisation. 

    “Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria has never directed or approved that any of its members should proceed on any protest or picketing activity in Osun State Judiciary or any other state to settle any perceived or real political scores.”

    The communique read further, “Consequently upon the above-highlighted position, the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria hereby dissociates itself from any action taken so far by any set of people whatsoever under whatever guise and the national aecretariat views such action as a calculated attempt by some set of people to play cheap political games with the intent to blackmail the union and tarnish our good image and good reputation built over the years.”

    In conclusion, the deputy president stated, “We, thereby, warn that under no guise should any of our members participate in any illegal picketing, protest or job boycotting whatsoever.”

    Before now, the state judiciary workers had accused Ojo of alleged abuse of office and high-handedness, a move which was further facilitated by the state governor, Ademola Adeleke, who, after getting the consent of the State House of Assembly, headed by Speaker Wale Egbedun, suspended Ojo from the position of the state’s CJ.

    The state government had put Justice Olayinka Afolabi in line to be appointed in the acting capacity of the CJ but his appointment didn’t see the light of the day. 

    However, matters took another twist when the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, sitting in Ibadan, Oyo State, barred Adeleke from removing Ojo as the substantial CJ of the state.

    The court adjourned the matter till December 12, 2023, for hearing of the pending motion on notice.

    In reaction to the ongoing judicial matter, the state’s chapter of JUSUN embarked on protests since Monday, against the accusations labeled against CJ Ojo. 

    The posting union members, led by the chairman of the state’s JUSUN, Gbenga Eludire, blocked the entrance to the State High Court in Osogbo, the state capital and prevented movement into the premises from 7 a.m.

    Eludire noted that some members of the state’s union were suspended for more than three years, and for some others, about 59 months now.

    However, on Wednesday, the police on the premises subsequently fired teargas to disperse the protesters while those at the scene ran in different directions.

    In his remarks, Eludire said, “Following the action of the police and attitude of the Chief Judge, I, Comrade Gbenga Eludire, hereby ordered that workers in the sector should withdraw their service till further notice.”

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