• Kaduna Residents Learn CPR to Combat Sudden Deaths

    Kaduna residents learn cpr to combat sudden deaths - nigeria newspapers online
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    From Sola Ojo, Kaduna

    Following recent cases of sudden deaths, a Kaduna-based NGO, Shared Humanity Foundation, partnered with the Nigerian Red Cross to train residents on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

    CPR is a basic skill used to restore breathing and heartbeat in individuals with no signs of breathing or pulse. The organizations believe saving lives is everyone’s responsibility, as emergencies can occur anytime.

    Experts explained that for someone to slump and die, the heart (the main organ pumping blood to the brain) and the brain itself must be involved, especially during intense physical or psychological activities.

    Recently, a young man slumped and died at a POS stand in Kaduna. The organizations believe the man could have survived if bystanders had CPR skills.

    During the training at the Ahmed Musa Neighbourhood Centre, Acting Secretary of the Red Cross Kaduna State field office, Suraj Ahmed, lamented the number of lives lost due to lack of CPR knowledge.

    Demonstrating the resuscitation process, the Red Cross team showed that the first step is to check for responsiveness by calling, tapping, or pinching the casualty. If unresponsive, call for help.

    “This partnership aims to educate the public on basic steps to assess a casualty’s consciousness and revive them,” said Suraj. “The Foundation approached us for support, and we readily agreed as we are trained to save lives. CPR is a basic skill everyone should have, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in Nigeria.”

    “Collaborations like this will help spread the knowledge and save more lives,” he added.

    Ashidi Mamman, Director of Programmes at Shared Humanity Foundation, noted that due to economic hardship and ignorance, people often neglect medical check-ups.

    “People prioritize food over basic health needs, leading to an increase in emergencies where young people suddenly slump and die,” he said. “We organize trainings like this to bring CPR knowledge to the community. It’s a simple skill that can save lives in emergencies.”

    “It’s about offering immediate first aid before professional help arrives or transporting the victim to the hospital,” he added. “Promoting healthy living is one of our goals at Shared Humanity Foundation. We are always available when needed because we understand the importance of life.”

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