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    From Okwe Obi, Abuja

    The Nigerian Good Governance Collective (NGGC) has accused dishonest contractors, unpatriotic civil servants, and disgruntled politicians of fueling the ongoing media attacks against Works Minister David Umahi.

    NGGC expressed concern over attempts to destabilise President Bola Tinubu’s administration by targeting high-performing cabinet members like Umahi. In a statement signed by Engineer Frank Ngwu, Abdulwaheed Kuna, and Peterson Ebah Dominic, the group urged Nigerians not to be misled by the media frenzy surrounding the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road project.

    NGGC described the attacks against Umahi as a “storm in a teacup” orchestrated by enemies of Nigeria’s socio-economic development and political stability. They believe that corrupt contractors and politicians are using the project to achieve their sinister motives of distracting and destabilising the Federal Government.

    “Huge sums of money have been mobilised to sponsor damaging write-ups and slanted analyses of the only project that will solve a major infrastructure challenge in the Niger Delta,” the statement claimed.

    NGGC expressed concern that these attacks are happening while the country’s infrastructure is receiving urgent attention for improvement. They believe that corrupt contractors who have been short-changing Nigerians through shoddy jobs and breach of agreements are using the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road project to further their agenda.

    The group also believes that the orchestrated media outcry aims to create an environment for civil disobedience in the Niger Delta by instigating militancy, which they anticipate as a reaction to the possible abandonment of the project.

    NGGC lamented that the hullabaloo over the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway has distracted Nigerians from evaluating the infrastructure segment of the Tinubu administration’s Renewed Hope agenda. They believe that public attention has shifted from comparing the infrastructure development during previous administrations and the current Tinubu government.

    NGGC praised Senator Umahi’s professional approach as Works Minister and his commitment to speeding up the execution of federal road contracts. They believe that Nigerians should be united in celebrating the push to improve and modernise the country’s infrastructure.

    “As a former Governor, President Tinubu knows too well the impact of the failed Lagos State metro project on the provision of critical infrastructure, as well as the consequences of asset depreciation when projects are delayed due to petty bickering and political disputations,” the statement said.

    NGGC believes that the Tinubu administration’s determination to get the Coastal Road project going demonstrates its commitment to delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda of improved infrastructure. They believe that a coastal highway will help Nigeria achieve a giant leap in socio-economic development through improved transportation and boost tourism development.

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