• NGO commemorates Liver Awareness Day, screens over 150 for Hepatitis B and C

    Ngo commemorates liver awareness day screens over 150 for hepatitis b and c - nigeria newspapers online
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    From Abel Leonard, Lafia

    In a proactive move to commemorate Liver Awareness Day, the Beacon Initiative, under the leadership of Executive Director Mr Envoh Emmanuel Okolo, conducted a large-scale screening event aimed at detecting Hepatitis B and C among beneficiaries.

    Sun reports that the initiative aims to raise awareness about these viruses, known to cause severe kidney problems if left undiagnosed and untreated.

    Speaking on the significance of the day on Tuesday, Mr. Okolo emphasised the critical need to educate the masses about the dangers of Hepatitis B and C.

    The testing event, he stated, was an essential step towards identifying potential cases and preventing the progression of these diseases. Importantly, the testing was made available to individuals of all age groups, recognising the indiscriminate nature of these viruses.

    The initiative took a proactive stance, setting up a screening venue from the Stadium Junction in Lafia, extending its services all the way to the Ministry of Environment. The event garnered significant attention, attracting both the elderly and the youth, who actively participated in the screening process.

    The atmosphere was one of collective awareness and concern for public health as individuals queued patiently to undergo the screening tests.

    The proactive approach of the Beacon Initiative drew commendation from participants and onlookers alike, highlighting the importance of such initiatives in safeguarding community health.

    Through their concerted efforts, the Beacon Initiative not only facilitated mass screenings but also demonstrated a commitment to health education and disease prevention. As a result, numerous individuals were able to access essential health screenings, potentially averting the progression of Hepatitis B and C-related complications, he added.

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