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    Nigerian tourist sets out to visit all 54 african countries | independent newspaper nigeria - nigeria newspapers online
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    Ilerioluwa Babalobi, a 31-year-old Nigerian tour­ist, has unveiled an ambitious journey to visit all 54 African countries, aiming to raise awareness for social interventions across the continent and clinch a Guinness World Record.

    Starting from the Red Cross office in Lagos, Babalobi’s tour will see him traverse the con­tinent, spending an average of 5 days in each country visited.

    Notably, he will be relying solely on public transportation, making him the first African to undertake such an adventure.

    This 9-month tour, if successful, will make Babalobi the first African to visit all 54 countries without using an aeroplane, relying solely on public transportation.

    He has already visited Benin, Togo, and Gha­na, experiencing their rich cultural heritage.

    Funds raised from the tour will be donated to the Nigerian Red Cross, an NGO dedicated to assisting the continent’s underprivileged popu­lations. Additionally, the tour will promote the Borderless African Campaign, championed by the Africa Rising Non-governmental organiza­tion.

    In each country, Babalobi will immerse him­self in the local culture, visiting tourist sites and interacting with the people.

    His decision to spend five days in each country aims to showcase the diverse tourist attractions and cultural richness of these nations.

    Upon completion, the trip will see Babalobi achieve two Guinness World Records: being the first person to visit all 54 African countries and doing so without using an aeroplane.

    Babalobi’s previous travels, including visits to all Nigerian states, 16 regions of Ghana, and over a dozen African countries, have prepared him for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.

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