• Nigerians express solidarity for wounded soldiers as Harry plays volleyball with officers

    Nigerians express solidarity for wounded soldiers as harry plays volleyball with officers - nigeria newspapers online
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    Tears dropped from the eyes of many spectators who stood to watch Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and the Chief of Defence Staff, General
    Christopher Musa played volleyball with wounded soldiers, majority of whom are amputees, at the sports complex of the Armed Forces Officers Mess in Asokoro.

    Some of the persons who were around to cheer the crowd could not hold back their tears as some of the amputated combatants were once lions in
    the battle field in North East where they battled terrorists for almost 14 years now.

    During the volleyball match, the CDS team won the prince team.
    According to one of the spectators, Tolulope Ayinde, the visit has opened her eyes to the sufferings and plight of an average soldier.

    She noted that most people don’t really get to know what a soldier is passing through until they witnessed events such as this.

    “I am here to support Harry and Meghan on their visit to Nigeria.
    Harry created an Invictus game for the wounded soldiers, and they celebrated their 10 years anniversary recently, so their visit here is
    to torchlight on the wounded soldiers in Nigeria which as Nigerians we do not really pay attention to or even give any form of recognition.

    Sanusi Danjuma, an injured soldier noted that his disability has made him fall in love with sports.
    According to Danjuma, “I do not like sports, but coming to play this sport gives me joy.

    Speaking immediately after the brief game, the CDS noted that his interest is to ensure that all members of armed forces are happy so that they can be eager to serve the country at anytime.

    According to Musa, after the game the he expression on the faces showed they are happy.

    “It’s a great privilege, it’s a great honour. And it shows that people all over the world understand what it is to sacrifice for one’s nation. They’ve given everything they have just to make sure that Nigeria
    remains one. And that’s the call we have for all Nigerians.

    “Every Nigerian has a role to play. It is a partnership. That’s why it’s very important for all Nigerians to support us in the challenges we’re facing now. It is a Nigerian challenge. It’s not a challenge for the armed forces alone, but for everybody.

    “These individuals have families, have people that depend on them. But they will not allow the situation they find themselves to keep them out. That’s why for me particularly, the invictus game is very important for the morale of my men,” he said.

    The game was followed with a colourful reception for the Duke and Duchess inside the officers’ Mess in Asokoro, Abuja.

    The duo were also entertained by a cultural display of the theatre troupes.

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