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    By Chinenye Anuforo

    In today’s interconnected world, the role of businesses extends beyond profit generation. As society faces diverse challenges, businesses have a crucial responsibility to contribute to the well-being and development of the communities they operate in. Recognising this vital role, QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct selling company, has emerged as a shining example of a business that takes its social responsibility seriously and acts as a catalyst for community development.
    Driven by its core philosophy of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), QNET is committed to making a positive impact and has implemented various initiatives that embody the essence of corporate social responsibility.
    Amidst the numerous crises communities face worldwide, QNET has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to alleviating suffering and rebuilding lives. A recent example of this commitment was observed during the devastating earthquake in Türkiye, which impacted ten cities and displaced over 3 million people. In response to this tragedy, QNET promptly mobilised its resources and activated its global network.
    Cem Geyik, the Regional General Manager of QNET in Turkey, expressed heartfelt empathy, stating, “We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Türkiye during this challenging time and will spare no effort in helping them rebuild their lives.”
    In the aftermath of the earthquake, QNET employees in Turkey voluntarily participated in ongoing aid projects. Teaming up with World Human Relief (WHR), a renowned humanitarian organisation, QNET worked tirelessly to deliver critical aid to the affected families. The combined efforts of QNET’s employees and distributors resulted in the distribution of hundreds of food packages directly to those in need. In Hatay Province, which was heavily impacted by aftershocks, QNET employees collaborated with the Genç Hayat Foundation to provide hot meals and essential goods to over 2000 people. Furthermore, to support the displaced earthquake survivors, QNET extended its assistance by providing 400 disaster relief packages containing essential items such as toiletries and food. The company also donated over 1.2 million Turkish Lira through WHR, ensuring that critical resources reached those most in need.
    Another notable initiative undertaken by QNET is its Ramadan Giving program. During the holy month of Ramadan, QNET extends its support to vulnerable communities in approximately 50 countries. Recognising the heightened need during this period, QNET employees and distributors join forces to provide food, groceries, daily essentials, medicines, and more to those most in need.
    Some highlights from QNET’s Ramadan Giving initiatives this year include:
    ● Organising a Ramadan fest for 150 labourers at the Ajman UAE labour camp and joined forces with the Misr El Kheir Foundation to provide iftar to underprivileged communities in Cairo, Egypt.
    ● Gifting food kits to ensure the children from the Cherubs Foundation International and Compassion Is Love Home in Ghana have nutritious meals.
    ● Donating essential items and organising meals during Ramadan for 50 children from Bab-Es-Salam, an orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria.
    ● Providing school supply kits for 120 children from underprivileged backgrounds at Sekolah Darurat Kartini in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    ● Donating to the ‘1 Billion Meals’ project in the United Arab Emirates, initiated by the UAE government to feed one billion disadvantaged and low-income families in 30 countries.
    In addition to these initiatives, QNET’s social impact arm, the RYTHM Foundation, collaborates closely with local partners and community organisations in various countries to address specific needs and challenges vulnerable individuals and families face. The Foundation’s projects focus on women and youth empowerment, inclusive education for vulnerable and disabled populations, and environmental causes.
    For instance, in India, the Foundation has implemented several projects supporting women from rural communities to become financially independent. In Tanzania, the Foundation’s efforts have helped bring clean water access to the Iringa region. In Indonesia and Thailand, the program explores using sports as a key tool to educate and empower youth.
    Through its dedication and proactive approach, QNET has become a catalyst for positive change in the regions where it operates, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives. Last year, in Nigeria, QNET’s employees and distributors came together to distribute essential food items and toiletries to The Little Saints Orphanage in Lagos.


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