• Serena Williams’ dad seeks forgiveness for Will Smith

    Serena williams dad seeks forgiveness for will smith - nigeria newspapers online
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    Serena Williams’ dad, Richard, has sought forgiveness for Will Smith over the incident that occurred at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

    Attendees at the Dolby Theatre watched open-mouthed as Smith mounted the stage and slapped Chris Rock across the face after the comic made a joke about his wife’s closely cropped head.

    Speaking on a UK TV show ‘ Good Morning Britain,’ Richard defended Smith, saying he didn’t see anything wrong with what the actor did to Rock.

    The 81-year-old added that he does not feel sorry for the comedian, pleading with the public to forgive Smith.

    “I’ll always stand by him,” Richard said.

    “I think he has done the best thing he needed to do, but I would never be disgusted with Mr. Smith. Matter of fact, I appreciate Mr. Smith.

    “I’m 81 years old but when I was about 51 years or younger, I almost killed any damn one, so I think Mr. Smith done a great deal now.

    “It’s time for everyone to forgive Will Smith.”

    The retired tennis coach also urged the AMPAS to lift its 10-year ban on Smith.

    “It should be just one day or no more than a week at the most,” he added.

    Richard’s viewpoint comes at about the same time when Rock said the incident still hurts.

    “They say, ‘words hurt’. Anybody that says words hurt has never been punched in the face,” the comedian said.

    Smith had apologised for his action describing it as “unacceptable.”

    “There is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave at that moment. I am deeply remorseful and I’m trying to be remorseful without being ashamed of myself,” he said.

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