• UFC boss dismisses Adesanya, Pereira trilogy

    Ufc boss dismisses adesanya pereira trilogy - nigeria newspapers online
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    the years, the UFC has had several fantastic athletes, but Alex Pereira undoubtedly is one of the most captivating to watch. The former two-division GLORY Kickboxing champion from Brazil is renowned for his devastating power and aggressive fighting style.

    However, his recent loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 287 has raised questions about his future in the UFC middleweight division. In recent remarks on Alex “Poatan ”Pereira’s future in the UFC, UFC President Dana White said that he anticipates the fighter to go to the light heavyweight class.

    White’s comments came after Pereira’s unsuccessful weight cut for UFC 287, where he missed weight by two pounds and lost to Adesanya in a second-round knockout. “I think that Pereira probably moves to 205 after this fight,” White said. “He’s a monster.”

    Pereira has always been a big middleweight, and his move up to light heavyweight could be a game-changer for his career. He previously struggled with weight loss to 185 pounds, therefore an increase to 205 pounds may be the solution to his problems.

    Teixeira, the coach of Poatan, has also suggested that Pereira may go up to the light heavyweight class in the future, which might result in some intriguing contests. The move to light heavyweight could also give Pereira a chance to avenge his loss to Adesanya. The two fighters have a history in kickboxing, with Pereira defeating Adesanya twice before their UFC 287 matchup.

    However, Adesanya was able to counter Pereira’s aggressive style in the Octagon, leading to the second-round knockout. Adesanya has also made comments about Pereira’s future in the UFC, urging him to move up to light heavyweight and cause some problems in that division.


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