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    Why telling jokes in pidgin limits us globally ay makun - nigeria newspapers online
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    Entertainment business started for me at Delta State University where I used to organise the campus beauty pageant and the Delsu Achievers Merit Awards. The journey projected me into producing two Nigerian representatives for the Miss World Pageant and Miss World Tourism. It all gained prominence after meeting Alibaba who further gave me inroads into the entertainment space.

    Breaking into the industry and becoming successful in what you do takes a lot of dedication. I have learned to be focused on achieving creative set goals. It has helped me gain deep knowledge about what works and doesn’t work in my industry. This is one thing I will recommend to the younger generation to help improve their chances of working their way up the ladder. Always find a way to separate yourself from the crowd by coming in with something new.

    Most people go into an industry thinking that everyone is their friend. Even in the entertainment industry, the glitz and glamour in the industry can fool an outsider into believing that. My dreams started finding expressions the minute I realised that some actions are directed at you just to make you lose focus. There was a time I almost gave up just because a senior colleague believed that I was too small and irrelevant to do my own show at a time.

    Ay Live for me is obviously now beyond a show. It is a carnival experience that attracts all ages and classes. Seeing about 6000 people gather every Easter Sunday is very fulfilling. So giving back usually creates a balance for me. What was witnessed with the physically-challenged person coming to say thank you for his car gift was just an inspiration to do more.

     The Nigerian comedy industry is doing very well locally. But we are yet to hit it big globally like our counterparts in the entertainment industry. The journey will be fast-tracked when we stop limiting ourselves from telling jokes in pidgin. There would be no global Trevor Noah if he was telling all his jokes in the Zulu language.

    The Nigerian audience is always warm and ready to laugh. They always look forward to our shows. Comedians are social commentators so when conceptualising my jokes, I deal with social issues that they can relate to and laugh about. Comedy is now the new tonic that gives vitality to Nigerians in the midst of all the confusion going on in the country.

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